• Eva Maria Popp

    Eva Maria Popp

  • Jürgen Drewes

    Jürgen Drewes

  • Georg Gusewski

    Georg Gusewski

    Teacherpreneur and coach. Thinks, speaks and works on lifelong education and digitality.

  • Jojo


    Living in Switzerland. Still a student. Bookworm. Writing in English & German. Keep in touch: silbermuschel1@gmail.com

  • Daniel Nauck

    Daniel Nauck

    digital storytelling consultant & trainer, former partner @2470media.com, multimedia storytelling, Berlin/Potsdam, working on great digital products & content

  • Norbert Faußner

    Norbert Faußner

  • Sebastian Ghofranifar

    Sebastian Ghofranifar

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